Our Mission is to provide quality Masonry work for Homeowners and Contractors at a fair price while using honesty and integrity in all dealings with customers, employees and vendors. To build safe structures for communities and families in North Florida and South Georgia with continual training in the latest technologies in the industry.  To support community and contribute to sustainability for future generations. To grow in economic stability through our commitment to excellence in construction which has allowed us to achieve a competitive advantage.  To provide employees with permanent work at a good wage and encourage their service in the community.  To be an exemplary Masonry Construction business.
 Cordle Masonry’s Vision is to provide long term service to customers and community.  To support our employees in a fair and equitable manner that allows personal growth and work experience to develop skills that assure good paying jobs. To maintain a work environment that is free from discrimination.  To continue growth that sustains jobs, supports vendors and enables contractors to produce a quality building product.
Our responsibilities in Human Resources are far reaching.  For instance, all employees, President and Admin are required through the Jessica Lumpsford Act to have a background check, fingerprinting and badges(at a cost of $85.00 each) to work on any school job or shelters of any kind.  Paperwork is filled out, an appointment is made and approved, the fee is paid and then when the badge is ready we pick it up, give to employee and they are able to work on specific projects.  
When hiring, candidates fill out Job Application, we do a Worker’s Compensation check to see if this person has a history of numerous Work Comp claims or Settlements.  If they qualify for the job they must then read and sign written guidelines and procedures that outline Straight-time, Overtime, Sick Days and absenteeism.  Weekly they are required to sign a form that says they were not injured on the job and they saw no one else injured.  Mark Zuckerberg said “I think as a company, if you can get these two things right-having a clear direction on what you are trying to do and bringing in people that can execute on the stuff-then you can do pretty well.”
Employee motivation is important to us not only for profit but also to stay within deadlines so CMI won’t be fined.  Aldefer’s ERG Theory seems to match this organization.  Existence is usually the reason people come to work.  They are working to fulfill basic human needs.  At this stage training is done with a small team and one team leader.  Each individual is expected to help the new hire to learn necessary skills.  Once the employee receives a paycheck and feels trust toward company then relationships grow with other employees.  CMI has good comradery among its employees, they get together for Bar- B-Ques and football games outside of work and workplace.  They tend to help each other when needed.  The growth needs are met as all employees have chance for advancement in the company and recognition as leaders and supporters in the community.  However, some become frustrated because Masonry is a hard skill to learn (geometry and math are key knowledge needs). It is also physically demanding. Some employees experience the Frustration Regression Component.
Since we have 18 to 22 employees they get split into groups of 2 or 3 at times.  Occasionally personality conflicts arise.  These are usually dealt with on the jobsite is possible.  Josh listens to both sides and if conflict cannot be resolved teams will be changed to accommodate personalities.  If an individual continues to cause conflict and problems they are given a written notice indicating that continued bad behavior will result in dismissal.
CMI believes in Corporate Social Responsibility.  In the words of David Cameron(British Conservative Party Leader), “It’s time to place the market in a moral framework-even if it means standing up to companies who make life harder for parents and families”.  Our first responsibility is to follow the laws regarding a corporation paying taxes, compensating employees, paying for required insurances and following OSHA guidelines.  After that we show responsibility to the community. CMI monetarily supports Amelia Volunteer Services, the Humane Society and other worthy non-profits.  CMI participates in Habitat For Humanity and encourages employees to volunteer for them.  CMI built a large brick sign for Fernandina Beach Museum of History.  Also when digging a footer in the Historic District, we found cork top bottles and clay pipes with their broken stems(men would share pipes and when one man was finished he would break off his pipe stem before giving to the next) all of these items circa 1800’s were donated to the Museum of History.  
Our Social Responsibility finds a different outlet in the hiring of Ex-Convicts.  Ex-Convicts often find it hard to find work when they are released especially at a good wage where they can learn a job skill.  Some of these people have families or are responsible for child support and would not be able to help anyone without jobs.  
So, in conclusion I feel good about this corporation’s climate and aspects for the future. CMI will continue education and training to keep up with our industry and technology.  In the words of David Allen Coe, “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time”.   Currently CMI is working with the SBDC to set SMART goals for the organization.  Establishing a Grand Strategy and writing the aforementioned Business Plan with the use of LivePlan are important to the advancement of the business.  CMI will pursue its Mission and Vision.  
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